Thai and another kinds of massage

Thai and another kinds of massageDo you have a problem with health? Sometimes medicine cannot keep us healthy and we usually looking for alternative. It must be not expensive therapy, like a Massage in Moscow. Today a many foreigners prefer to order massage to have a good relaxation. What kind of Massage Moscow recommended by doctors? In addition, why you should to try some classic type of massage?

Thai massage, reflexology and yoga

Thai massage is the one of the most famous and popular massage practice in the world. Traditional Nuad Boran is based on a general combination of chinise traditions of medicine and some Indian practices. Thai traditional massage usually combines both energetic and physical aspects. Full-body thai massage progressing from the feet up, then focusing on energy line throughout patient’s body, including the main aim – stimulating the flow of lymph and blood. This practise used in reflexology and yoga. You can order traditional Thai massage in Moscow.

Trigger point therapy – positive sides

Sometimes hard physical pressure can improve you health. This type of massage firs time used in South China. Moreover, today Trigger point therapy is one of the most popular pressure practice in many countries. The main type of massage depends on some factors – physical patients condition and illness. Manual pressure, injection, vibration or other treatment is usually applied to these points to relieve myo-fascial pain. If you want to improve your health due to massage therapy just order Trigger point therapy in Moscow. A little bit of pain can help you to decide your sexual problems too!

Watsu massage therapy

First time watsu method used by famous doctors of California reabilitation clinic. It is a type of bodywork usually performs in near body temperature water. Watsu characterised by the continuous support by gentle movement which includes stretching of limbs, rocking and traditional massage. Related forms include healing dance, water dance and Jahara traditional technique. Moreover, the Watsu technique combines immersion with shiatsu, hydrotherapy floating and other massage radical techniques.

  • Massage equipment includes
  • Massage tables and chairs;
  • Warm-water therapy pools;
  • Dry-water massage beds;
  • Vichy showers;
  • Cremes, lotions, gels, and oils;
  • Massage Tools.

Structured and unstructured, moving or stationary tension recommended by many doctors. Just order you own traditional massage!